Happy New Year – My Top 7 Blogs of 2018

This is now becoming an annual tradition – looking at my website statistics for the past entire year and listing my top seven most read blogs as a New Year feature.

I normally blog about my two areas of consulting a few times each month: Diversity with a specialization in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) workplace and marketplace; and career and skills development based on my innovative Total Engagement Career Mapping process. And once in a while I throw in a more personal blog or rant about something that is irking me.

In 2018, for the first, time, all seven most read blogs dealt with some sort of diversity topic, with diversity within sports being the most popular. Also, this year, two of the seven top blogs were written by guest bloggers, my cousin Brandon Garrick and one of my consulting associates Elsa Maria Jimenez Salgado. Here are the “Top 7 of 2018” in reverse order:

7. The seventh most read blog of 2018 was guest written by my cousin Brandon Garrick, Masters of Social Work Candidate at NC State University. “Five steps to reduce mass incarceration of African Americans” was a follow up to his first blog about the key impacts of the mass incarceration of Black Americans.

6. Number 6 was “Five Key Messages on the Importance of Out Gay Olympic Athletes” which focuses on the value and importance of Olympic athletes being open about their sexual orientation, an increasingly critical message for today’s youth.

5. My fifth most popular blog was “Three Wonderful Recent Examples of Diversity and Sports,” in which I provide three short summaries with links about an NFL football player with one hand, an WNBA player who is a new mother with her wife, and a college track star who overcame a harsh abusive upbringing in Africa.

4. Number 4 is “Seven Biases in the Workplace – Let’s Be Brutally Honest About It.” I challenge us all to be brutally honest about unconscious biases that can pop into our heads about the diverse co-workers we interact with, and to address it with action.

3. Number 3 was the 2014 – 2016 number 1,and the 2017 #2, actually published way back in 2011! As many people search for online resources about diversity training, they found and read my 2011 blog “Three Components of Diversity Training,” where I discuss three major components required for diversity training and exactly who within an enterprise should be trained. I have also updated that blog to include links to more resources including to a blog sharing a sample outline of diversity and inclusion training contents.

2. This past year’s number 2 blog, “Seven Misconceptions or Stereotypes of Hispanic People” was a guest piece written in 2016 by my part-time bilingual consultant on staff, Elsa Maria Jimenez Salgado.

As an adult competitive figure skater myself, I enjoy including skating and skaters in my blogs.

1. And finally, by a complete runaway with 35,000 hits across the two blog was my 2016 personal labor of love which included several personal photos that I took, “Seven Fabulous Out Gay Men of Figure Skating.” along with this year’s Seven More Fabulous Out Gay Men of Figure Skating (and One Bisexual Woman.)

Thanks to all the readers who enjoy and share my blogs. In 2019, if you want to be notified each time I do publish, you can like my business facebook page (Link), or if you subscribe to my monthly e-newsletter, I include a short summary and links to the past month’s writings.

Wishing all my readers a wonderful 2019 filled with much contentment, success and hopefully a rebounding stock market!

November is “Movember” – Five Issues Men Face. Monthly Guest Blog from Brandon Garrick

Here is this month’s guest blog from my young cousin and Social Work graduate student Brandon Garrick. Brandon does often write about underserved communities, but we also need to remember that even though collectively men have the majority of power and standing in our culture, they also do face critical issues.

Thanks to Brandon, this is my first time hearing about “Movember,” an annual event involving the growing of mustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s suicide. “Mo” is an Australian – English diminutive word for moustache (UK spelling), making Movember a clever joining of “Mo” to the month of November. The history of this movement and the associated foundation is quite fascinating. Link to extensive wikipedia article about Movember.

* * * * *

As a social work graduate student, I care about all forms of social injustice and oppression that any individual may face. In today’s society, we often forget that regardless of identity, we can all face challenges in our lives. We get easily fall into this ideology that men, as the privileged beings in today’s society, don’t face issues as women do. However, there are indeed certain issues that dramatically impact men.

November is a month that you can highlight the areas where men are struggling. Movember is a friendly occurrence where men will grow a mustache unshaven throughout the month. I will be participating this year and will grow out a mustache. You can email me ([email protected]) if you want see what the final result looks like. Anyway, here are five issues where men are really struggling in today’s society:

1. Men are more likely to be killed at work. This is a issue that can be the result of different career choices. However, it must be noted that a safer workplace environment for both genders is essential.

2. Men are more prone to heart disease.

3. Men have a higher chance to be attacked or killed then women. Men make up almost 70 percent of murder victims.

4. According to a recent study (link) from a professor at the University of Michigan, men on average receive a 63 percent longer prison sentence then women for identical crimes.

5. Men commit suicide more often, at a staggering rate of 3.53 times that of women.

As a society, we do have to realize that all of us can face different critical issues and we should all be supportive of each other and search for solutions to all problems impacting any of us.

* * * * *

Guest blogger Brandon Garrick is a Masters of Social Work Candidate at NC State University

Brandon Garrick is my second cousin who I enjoy spending a lot if time with. He recently completed his Bachelor of Sociology at North Carolina State University, and has now entered their Master’s Program of Social Work. He worked full time at North Carolina’s Central Prison as a corrections officer while completing his bachelor’s degree, and has a deep concern about the many social issues facing our nation and the world. He will now be a regular guest blogger discussing these various issues.