Podcast: How to Spot Good and Bad Leadership and What it Means

This month, my one hour lively and provocative interview with the hosts of the podcast series “Let’s Break Up – Toxic Workplace Stories” went live. Hosts Gina and Nicola are fun candid hosts who have now published about two dozen episodes of captivating interviews with various people discussing all aspects of toxic workplaces … mine is episode 22. Do examine and subscribe to this series (link.)

Bad bosses and toxic workplaces can have a huge negative impact of organizational effectiveness, employee productivity, employee attrition and at the end of the day, the bottom line. I cannot understand with HR leaders and senior leaders tolerate bad bosses and often do very little to address this. See my 2015 blog, “Why Do We Tolerate Bad Bosses?”

Far to many people leave a job to get away from that “boss from hell.”

In my “Toxic Workplace” session, “How to Spot Good and Bad Leadership and What it Means,” I share candidly about some of the horrific “bosses from hell” I experienced at IBM, some really poor senior leadership, and also about some of my great bosses.

In their summary, Gina and Nicola generously describe me as “an expert in personal growth, business efficiency, and employee development.” They wrote “with a focus on toxic workplaces, this episode delves deep into the crucial topic of spotting good and bad leadership within organizations. Stan’s background included serving as the Director of Global Sales Operations at IBM, where he played a pivotal role in building the company’s highly successful Global Sales Operations unit. Stan spearheaded the consolidation of thousands of employees across various divisions and geographic units, resulting in substantial cost reductions and improved service levels. However, Stan’s expertise extends beyond operations and efficiency; he is also recognized for his exceptional skills in employee development, LGBT diversity management, and organizational effectiveness.

“Join us as Stan shares his invaluable insights on identifying the characteristics of effective leadership and its positive impact on employee engagement and business success. With his passion for empowering individuals and teams, Stan firmly believes that providing the right tools to employees can drive their career growth and ultimately contribute to the overall success of the organization.

“Throughout the episode, Stan engages in a thought-provoking discussion about the telltale signs of both good and bad leadership, drawing from his extensive experience and deep understanding of organizational dynamics. From fostering employee morale and career mapping to maximizing the potential of diverse workforces, Stan’s expertise shines through his practical advice and engaging anecdotes.”

I thank Gina and Nicola for engaging me in this discussion and providing this gracious wording about this episode and my expertise. Do take a listen to episode 22 – “How to Spot Good and Bad Leadership and What it Means.”

Statement about Uganda’s Recently Passed Anti-Homosexuality Act

Rev Elder Pat Bumgardner (left) supporting the work led by Rev Uthasyo Kimindu (right) in Mtito Andei, Kenya

Many of my long time clients, friends, newsletter recipients and blog readers know that I helped form and now support a LGBTQ affirming work in Kenya. The Kimer-Kamba Center focuses on assisting the local people in preserving their culture while partnerships with the Other Sheep (of which I am the board president,) Global Justice Institute and Metropolitan Community Churches provide assistance to vulnerable local people around Mtito Andei, Kenya.

Our local leader the Rev Uthasyo Kimindu has been very concerned about the hateful recent anti-homosexuality law passed in neighboring Uganda and sees an increase in similar hateful and violent rhetoric in Kenya. Rev Kimindu, Rev Pat Bumgardner of the Global Justice Institute and myself have crafted the following statement in response to Uganda’s law.

Our statement in part addresses the interference and impact of white supremacy culture and western imperialism on erasing others’ native cultures.

The Statement:

The Global Justice Institute and Other Sheep both strongly condemn Uganda’s recent hateful Anti-Homosexuality Act. We echo the strong words already provided from the United Nation’s Chief Antonio Guterres and United States President Joe Biden.

UN Chief Antonio Guterres called on “Uganda to fully respect its international human rights obligations, in particular the principle of non-discrimination and the respect for personal privacy irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

From President Biden, “The enactment of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act is a tragic violation of universal human rights – one that is not worthy of the Ugandan people, and one that jeopardizes the prospects of critical economic growth for the entire country.”

What makes this new law particularly insidious is that the forces pushing for these discriminatory laws include radical American evangelical, fundamentalist and Pentecostal communities. As people of faith, we strongly condemn this misuse of misguided and misinterpreted so-called Christian doctrine, interference in the affairs of other countries, and trampling on others’ culture.

God calls us to love and nurture all people instead of condemning them to a living hell of second-class citizenry. This includes affirming and supporting the LGBTQ people who long existed in African culture before the intrusion of white European colonizers.

We join all the other many voices in urging Uganda to immediately repeal this hateful, inhuman and unchristian legislation and urge voices from all other faith traditions to join us in this stand.

Rev Uthasyo Kimindu, Coordinator, Other Sheep Afrika

Rev Elder Pat Bumgardner, Executive Director, Global Justice Institute

Mr. Stan Kimer, Board President, Other Sheep (Global)

* * * * * * * *

Unfortunately, several states here in the United States are proposing and passing laws that severely harm our own LGBTQ community, and American individuals and organizations need to strongly opposed these laws as well as those overseas. See my recent blog, “Fighting the Increasing Hate.”

Other Sheep is a global multicultural nonprofit ministry (US 501-c3) with Sexual Minorities providing resources and advocacy in places where religious ideologies and fundamentalism constitutes a major obstacle to justice for all people.