The Business Case for Career Road Mapping / Skills Development

One of the three core expertise areas I offer in my consulting practice is career road mapping using an innovative process where one page summary career maps of successful employees are mined for themes and then packaged for presenting to all employees in an area. In prior engagements, this methodology has been enthusiastically received by employees and has increased their engagement in career planning.

An example of a one page career map – my own (Stan C. Kimer)

But it does always come down to the bottom line. Can I show with actual dollars how investing in career road mapping can add to a company’s bottom line? Absolutely yes! I agree this is important and can be done.

Many recent articles in the HR press document that employee engagement is at an all-time low. Some 2011 articles in SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) states that more than half of US employees are dissatisfied with their jobs and 33% plan to look for a new job when the economy improves. With this kind of mindset, these employees are far from peak productivity.

One of the key areas that increases employee engagement is a robust program of career and skills development. Employees are more likely to be engaged when they believe their company truly cares about their development.

Estimated return on implementing a robust career planning program can be calculated in two areas: increased employee productivity and savings in employee attrition.

PRODUCTIVITY CALCULATION: number of employees x average salary x percent productivity gain = productivity gain in $. For example, with 500 employees averaging $50,000 per year, a modest 2% productivity gain nets 500 x $50,000 x .02 or $500,000.

ATTRITION SAVINGS: number of employees x average salary x time for fully onboarding new employees x decrease in attrition percentage = saving in attrition $. For example, again using 500 employees at $50,000, if it takes 2/3rds of a year for onboarding and you can avoid 2% of the population from departing, the savings is 500 x $50,000 x 2/3 x .02 or $333,333.

In addition you would get the “soft” benefits of overall higher employee morale and being able to attract the best talent as word spreads and your enterprise is viewed as an “employer of choice.”

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Public Speaking Availability and Recent Television Interview

In addition to offering my consulting services in the areas of diversity management, career mapping / skills development and organizational effectiveness, I also offer my services as a public speaker for your business, organization, network or educational function. I can speak for any length of time you require on my topics of expertise that include:

• The business case for and importance of diversity (overall or LGBT–Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) in a corporate or non-profit setting

• The criticallity of career and skills development either at the person or corporate level

• Leadership focusing on the intersection of elements, talents, and style as well as an depth review of those areas

• On my experience as the new president of the North Carolina Council of Churches

Click here for details on my speaking topics.

If you want to see me in action, you can view the recordings of my recent television interview on Byline with Donn Ansell broadcast January 23, 2011 on CBS-WILM Channel 10 in Wilmington, North Carolina. The recordings come in three segments. They are available on YouTube.

SEGMENT 1: Introduction to the North Carolina Council of Churches and the newsworthiness of my election.

SEGMENT 2: More on my election and long time involvement with the Council, my own faith and coming out journey, my role at IBM and its diversity practices, and discussion of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

SEGMENT 3: Discussing gay bullying, my agenda for the Council, the gay marriage issue, me as a role model, my new consulting practice and my vocational center in Africa with Global Roots.

Thank you for watching. I look forward to you contacting me.