Meet Stan Kimer: Diversity Specialist, Business Owner, and Faith Community Leader

A week and a half ago, I issued a press release (link to the press release) to announce that I received my certification as an LGBT Business Enterprise from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. This certification is key to my growth as a new business as it will give me access to many major corporate partners of the NGLCC that now include LGBT-owned businesses in their diversity metrics.

I am now very grateful to the NGLCC that in publicizing their upcoming annual “Out for Business” conference to be held in Las Vegas August 2-5, that they have published an interview with me as one of the attendees at this conference. I was quoted as saying, “I can only do one event this year and I chose this conference. It is the most pertinent to my business. As a supplier, this will give me the most direct access and give me the best return on my time and my money moving forward with my business.”

In addition to the quote they published an earlier interview and distributed it as an e-news item titled, “Meet Stan Kimer: Diversity Specialist, Business Owner, and Faith Community Leader.” Link here for the full interview.

The interview includes:
• The newsworthiness of my election as the new President of the North Carolina Council of Churches as an out gay man.
• An overview of my business and my three service offering areas.
• Details on my diverse job experience at IBM, including as IBM’s Global GLBT Diversity Program Manager, and IBM as an overall general and GLBT diversity leader in the business world. Link to IBM Diversity Page.
• Why being certified by the NGLCC is important to me.

Thank you for taking the time to read the interview and I hope I see some of you in Las Vegas in August!