The New Generation in the Workplace – Driving the Value of Diversity

My last blog was “Three Key Points in Response to the Recent Anti-DEI Backlash” where I provided ways that organizations can proactively address the recent increase of vocal opposition to diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. I now want to add to the discussion triggered by an article I read in the March 1-7, 2024 issue of the Triangle Business Journal.

It was actually the cover story and titled “A New Generation, A New Workplace” written by Laura Brummett. The tagline on the front page read, “Starting this year, Gen Z will make up a larger portion of the U.S. workforce than baby boomers. But are companies ready for this change?”

The first statistic shared in the article is that this year, the Gen Z (people 27 years and younger) population in the workforce surpassed the number of Baby Boomers (ages 60 to 78.) And not only that, I’d like to add a point that I raised in my last blog … that this younger generation is much more diverse; over 50% are people of color, and over 20% identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

The TBJ article raises many critical points about this growing younger workforce. They include:

• This new generation is known for caring about social issues, such as diversity initiatives and sustainability.

• This generation is leading to a more progressive culture to seep into the corporate world.

• Savvy hiring managers seeking the best talent are now looking for grit, curiosity and ambition from candidates, instead of the names of prestigious schools or grade point averages. This shift results in companies bringing in more diverse talent pools.

• And as I mentioned in my previous blog, diversity in talent brings different workplace perspectives that drive innovation and transformation.

• Employers are now increasingly seeking talent from community colleges, where 50% of graduates are first-generation college attendees and even more diverse that the general Gen Z population.

• Gen Z-ers are more entrepreneurial and willing to change companies, so organizations wanting to retain and grow excellent diverse talent need to provide this generation what they want from a job. This includes continual learning and growth as well as work-life balance.

As we continue to understand the generational shift in the workplace, DEI strategy and execution become increasingly critical. Those who are part of this anti-DEI movement will soon find themselves obsolete, and ultimately less relevant and less profitable.

5 Tips To Attract Top Talent To Your Company

I am pleased to share another guest blog provided by Lauren Perry on this important topic critical for any company’s success and which also ties into my consulting practice.  A large part of my work is to help my clients build inclusive recruiting strategies to hire the best diverse talent, provide programs for meaningful career growth, and build inclusive environments so that top talent wants to stay.

Draw in top talent if you want your firm to succeed and expand over the long term in today’s cutthroat business environment. The engine of innovation, productivity, and organizational greatness is its talented workforce. You need a strategic strategy that goes beyond conventional recruiting techniques if you want to make sure your business stands out and attracts the greatest people in the field. This thorough book will walk you through five professional tactics that can help you attract top talent to your company.

1. Crafting an Irresistible Employer Brand: Your Gateway to Exceptional Talent.
The way that both existing and prospective workers see your organization as an employer is known as your employer brand. Developing a strong employer brand is essential to drawing in top candidates. It’s important to convey your company’s beliefs, culture, and dedication to the professional development of your staff in addition to listing your accomplishments.

Determine what makes your business unique first. Is it an emphasis on employee wellbeing, an innovative culture, or a dedication to sustainability? After you’ve identified these distinctive features, use them in your employer branding campaigns. To expand your business, you can partner with a company that is considered an employer of record and can provide expert knowledge of HR functions.

2. Building a Positive Workplace Culture: The Magnet for Exceptional Professionals.  Not only a catchphrase, a good workplace culture attracts top talent like a moth to a flame. Provide a work atmosphere where staff members experience empowerment, respect, and worth. Encourage team members to collaborate, be transparent, and communicate openly. Promote creativity and recognize accomplishments to create an environment where workers are inspired to perform well. Putting money into staff development initiatives is one method to create a good workplace environment. Provide seminars on improving skills, mentoring programs, and chances for ongoing development. Candidates are more likely to choose your firm over rivals if they believe it offers an environment in which they can develop, learn, and prosper.

End-to-end inclusive recruiting strategies are key to hiring the best talent.

3. Implementing Targeted Recruitment Strategies: Casting the Right Net. Generic job advertisements and one-size-fits-all recruiting tactics are things of the past. You must be deliberate and focused in your approach if you want to draw in top talent. Begin by outlining the abilities, credentials, and characteristics you are seeking in a candidate. Provide thorough job descriptions that not only list the duties but also emphasize the chances for advancement and influence. Make use of industry-specific events, specialist job portals, and professional networks to find individuals with the precise capabilities your business needs. Think about collaborating with hiring companies that focus on your sector. These agencies may save you time and effort throughout the recruiting process by having access to a large pool of pre-screened individuals.

4. Competitive Compensation and Benefits: The Deal-Maker. Although development possibilities and a positive work environment are important, competitive pay and perks are still crucial in luring top personnel. Examine industry norms and make sure your compensation offers are reasonable. To entice potential hires, think about providing stock options, profit-sharing programs, or incentives depending on performance. Create a comprehensive benefits package that includes more than just the essentials. Although benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off are anticipated, think about including special offers like gym memberships, flexible work schedules, remote work choices, and allowances for professional growth. These perks reflect your dedication to work-life balance and employee well-being while also improving the total remuneration package.

5. Cultivating a Leadership Pipeline: Investing in Future Talent. Top talent is searching for a career path that fits with their goals and objectives in addition to a job. Establishing a leadership pathway inside your company conveys a strong message to prospective employees. Establish mentoring programs that enable prospective individuals to get knowledge from seasoned experts by pairing them with experienced executives. Give high-potential staff members the chance to take on difficult tasks and responsibilities to prepare them for leadership positions in the future. Putting money into leadership development programs helps your business flourish in the long run and attracts top talent seeking a fast-paced, growth-oriented environment.

Conclusion. A diverse strategy that includes competitive pay and benefits, leadership development programs, a healthy workplace culture, employer branding, and targeted recruiting tactics is needed to draw in top talent. Recall that recruiting great talent is about more than simply filling jobs; it’s about assembling a group of knowledgeable, driven, and enthusiastic people who will propel your business to success. Put these knowledgeable ideas into practice, and watch as your company flourishes from the influx of elite talent, opening the door to an innovative, productive, and unmatched future.

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