An innovative corporate meeting process – Graphic Recording!

Caryn Sterling of Drawing Insight in action graphically recording a meeting

Caryn Sterling of Drawing Insight in action graphically recording a meeting

Recently I attending the day-long annual TODN (Triangle Organizational Development Network) conference (link to a blog summarizing the conference) – 2016 Global Human Capital Trends. As I attend various conference and meetings, I am always on the look out for emerging innovative trends in the business world. And indeed, the TODN conference did have such an innovation; they employed a graphic recorder Caryn Sterling of Drawing Insight to graphically record the presentations and discussion in the four trend areas.

Here is a brief interview with Caryn discussing more of this process

STAN: Caryn, could you explain a little more about what graphic recording actually is?
CARYN: Graphic recording is live capture of presentations and conversations in real time, using creative lettering and illustrations. It can be a conference keynote, ideation session or workshop. Any time people gather to learn, share or innovate, an illustrated chart of the experience helps everyone remember more. Retention goes up 60 – 80% when using graphic recording and it provides a wonderful take away.

STAN: What unique value does your process offer to companies and organizations?
CARYN: Many of my clients comment on how nice it is to be able to participate fully in the meeting, knowing I will capture all the important information. Seeing the meeting emerge on the wall keeps the energy up and timing on track. It’s easy to see how much has been accomplished and what still needs to be addressed. It’s also helpful that all participants go home with the same notes/information.

STAN: Do you feel it is critical for you to have a strong understanding of business in general in addition to art to be able to accurately depict the discussion?
CARYN: Yes and yes. One of the benefits of my work is attending so many business conferences and high level meetings keeps me up to date on trends. I stay active in the arts and continue to build on skills. When I’m not on site, I’m often creating illustrations for explainer videos, which helps me grow as an artist.

An example of one of Caryn's completed graphics

An example of one of Caryn’s completed graphics

STAN: Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
CARYN: One of my favorite things about my work is how it helps people and how much they enjoy it. I love it when a speaker tells me after a keynote that I chose the perfect image for the message, or when I’m working with companies and my drawings spark a big aha moment. I love the effect graphic recording has on people and how it adds joy to an event.

STAN: How can people get a hold of you to explore your services for their organization?
CARYN: Yes, the best way to reach me is by e-mail at [email protected], check out my website, and you can follow me on twitter at @drawinginsight.

STAN: Thank you, Caryn. I enjoyed the graphics you created at the TODN conference I attended, and they are a great reference! I wish you the very best of success in your business.