“[Total Engagement Career Mapping] is one of the most brilliant and complete programs I’ve seen and the fact that you deliver it with such care is the major selling point.” - - H. Joseph Machicote, VP of Organizational Development, Snyder’s-Lance Inc.

“Thank you for the great (diversity) training workshop that you provided to our staff. You were very engaging to all of the participants. I really feel confident that the officers will reflect on this training throughout their daily activities. The material was very informative and the presentation was entertaining to the entire class. You did a fantastic job and I truly appreciate the time that you invested into this training program.” - - Ben Allen, Security Director, York Security

“The attendance and evaluations at this year’s event (Southeastern Transgender Health Summit 2012: Providing Access, Promoting Wellness) were extremely positive. Your presentation ‘Practical Strategies for HR Professionals Panel Discussion’ was very well received, receiving an average of 4.78 on a scale of 1 to 5.”- - Irene Jurczyk, Director, Interdisciplinary Education and Jennifer Abbott, MD, Medical Course Director, Mountain Area Health Education Center

“The feedback I received from your presentation (The Intersection of Aging and LGBT Diversity) is excellent! Thank you so much for taking the time to come talk to us about this important topic…. I’d love to attend more of your presentations.” - - Amélie Bonin, Staff Education Specialist, Carol Woods Retirement Community

“I could always count on you to take each assignment with passion, common sense, and a focus on people, following through with dedication and accomplishing the best no matter what the challenge.” - - Chris Colucci, VP Sales Operations, IBM (retired)

 “You made a tremendous difference in preparing volunteers to be more effective in working with very diverse populations. Not just clients, but staff, other volunteers and the community.” - - Camille Koonce, Volunteer Coordinator, Alliance of Aids Services – Carolinas

“Stan was my primary contact at IBM for diversity work I provided. Stan combines the get-it-done focus of a great project manager with the higher level strategic, people and business focus about why something should get done. He is personable, sharp, realistic and has a knack for digging to root cause to solve the right problems, not just the surface symptoms. I would work with Stan anytime on anything.” - - Paula Jones, Senior Diversity Manager, Genentech

“Stan has been an innovator in working with corporate diversity. He is an excellent listener who embraces innovative thinking to achieve 21st century strategies. I recommend him without reservation. He will serve his clients conscientiously.” - - Ellen Greaves, ECG Mediation and Consulting Services

“You have moved our company forward with your active support to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals throughout IBM. You bring value to our business and you represent “value” in everything you do.” - - An IBM Senior Vice President

“Stan is a leader who takes joy and pride in encouraging, supporting and training other leaders. He has a heart for leadership, and a creative mind that sees the potential in others, and the keys to success in any endeavor. He has a wealth of experience in offering leadership in secular, business and religious organizations. I would trust Stan to make a positive difference in any project or team I am working with!” - - Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Retired Global Leader, Metropolitan Community Churches