Stan Kimer is available to speak on the following topics, and they can also be combined. All topics can be customized to whatever time length you specify.

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  • HOT NEW TOPIC! Practical Organizational Strategies to Support Transgender People. During the past few years, there has been a huge increase in visibility and efforts to support equality for transgender people in all aspects of our society. With high profile transgender public figures like Chas Bono, Laverne Cox and most recently Caitlyn Jenner bringing increase visibility and acceptance of trans people, more trans people are “coming out” and undergoing the gender transition process. This workshop starts with basic definitions and then delves into Human Resources polices to consider for supporting transgender people, case management of those transitioning in the workplace, and best practices.
  • LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) Diversity – the new frontier for the new South: In today’s business environment, companies and non-profits can increase their market penetration and employee productivity with target marketing to the LGBT community and company policies that are fully inclusive of LGBT people.
  • The Business Case for Diversity: There are several spheres of diversity: racial, gender, cultural, generational and more. By understanding the diversity of people in the market place and the work place, companies and non-profits can better meet and exceed all their goals in deploying strong diversity policy in sales, marketing and internal operations arenas.

Career and Skills Development:

  • The Criticality of Career and Skills Development: Whether you are leading in a business, volunteer or church environment, developing the skills of your team and providing viable growth paths are critical to retaining your best people and motivating them to perform at their peak. There are several elements that are needed for good career and skills growth planning and execution.
  • Mentor Relationships – A Key to Career Growth: What exactly is mentoring, and how does it benefit all involved? This workshop will review the definition of mentoring and types of mentoring relationship, and the elements of competencies for successful mentoring. If times permits, we can even do a speed mentoring group exercise.


  • The Intersection of Leadership Characteristics, Talents and Styles: Effective leadership requires that you understand the intersection of leadership characteristics (skills that can be taught, learned and developed), leadership talents (or inherent abilities) and styles (the manner or tone of performing and leading), and how to leverage each area for effective leadership.
  • The Qualities of Effective Leadership: It seems every year a new model listing the qualities of a good leader is published. In this talk I examine multiple models of leadership qualities and uncover the most critical common elements across them.
  • Core Competencies for Strategic Leaders in Today’s Competitive Diverse Global Economy: We live and work in a very fast changing global business environment. How do these changes impact the core competencies leaders now require? This workshop reviews several different leadership competency models and how they intersect and connect with the need for global and diverse leadership. We will also discuss how to plan for building these skills.