Although LGBT diversity is my deepest area of diversity expertise, I am conversant in all areas of diversity and about half of my clients engage me for comprehensive general diversity consulting and training.

Is your enterprise totally engaged with LGBT diversity within a holistic diversity strategy?

Do you want to go after part of the $732B US LGBT marketplace and maximize productivity of the LGBT employees on your staff through developing and executing a comprehensive LGBT diversity strategy?

Or do you need help shoring up certain areas of your overall diversity or LGBT diversity execution?

TOTAL ENGAGEMENT with (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) diversity within the market place and with your employees.

Companies who successfully develop and execute an LGBT Diversity Strategy can both increase revenue through winning in the $732B LGBT marketplace and increase employee productivity by providing a welcoming environment that fully engages all employees to contribute their best. The successful company will include the LGBT diversity components within a holistic corporate diversity strategy. The components to plan and execute should include an inclusive Equal Opportunity policy, Domestic Partner Benefits, LGBT-focused Sales and Marketing, LGBT community support, manager and employee training, providing assistance for gender-transitioning employees, providing for employee networks and more. In addition non-profit groups can expand their volunteer base and improve services to their constituents through proactive LGBT diversity management.