Hello! I so much appreciate all the support my personal and business friends have given me as I started my journey at age 59 to “live my dream” and start to train to become an adult competitive figure skater. With no prior experience, many people thought I was crazy to start something so physically demanding at my age, but I am loving every minute of this experience.

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Please feel free to visit these pages often, and I will also provide competition schedule updates on my personal Facebook page and in my business newsletter.

Read my initial blog about starting my figure skating journey, “Finding a New Passion at 59.”

Voya Financial created a professional four-minute video of my journey for their “Retirement Champions Series” - although I am partially retired since I now have my consulting firm!

Here's a link to the YouTube Video

And a huge thank you to my outstanding and patient coach Paula McKinley, the Central Carolina Skating Club, the Skating Club of NC and the supportive Competitive Adult Figure Skating Facebook Group.

Also, please enjoy these below photos and others on the other pages.

At the IcePlex in May At the IcePlex in May

Stan with Dorothy on ice Stan with Paula

On practice ice New Skates!