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A one-hour webinar with Power Point hosted by the New York State Early Care and Learning Council, “My Journey and 8 Life Lessons as an Out Gay Man That Can Apply to Everyone – and what I learned about LGBT along the way.” I share about my journey of coming out as gay man in my mid-thirties and adventures of dealing with my family, church, coming out at work, and within the context of my story, I include important information and principles to assist all of us in better serving and being better allies to the LGBT community. View on YouTube

WCHL Radio

In this 20-minute radio interview on WCHL radio’s weekly “Today’s Business” radio show, I discuss my passion for my career development and diversity consulting practice, and take a deeper dive into the hot transgender diversity area.

Expertise in Business Webinar Series

In this 55-minute webinar, “Invest in Your People! Employee Career Management and Skills Development,” I cover the compelling business rationale for investing in talent development, important concepts of career development, my innovative career mapping approach, and an introduction to mentoring.

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Podcast Interview

A Podcast Interview! Jenn T. Grace, a leading LGBT Marketing and Communications Consultant (and one of my business affiliations / partners) interviewed 30 different LGBT business leaders each day for LGBT Pride month in June 2013 and re-ran them in 2015. In my 27-minute interview, we discussed my career journey, what inspires me, the best business advice I have received, books that impacted my business journey, advice for selling to the LGBT community, and more!

Stan's appearance on Byline

See Stan in action.

Click here to access a set of 10 videos, between 1 and 5 minutes on length, on various topics around diversity.

Click here to see a video of Stan being interviewed on a television show discussing a variety of topics.

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