Past Experience and Results

  • Led the effort to successfully consolidate a 3000 person function dispersed across 5 divisions and 18 geographic units into a single integrated high-performing cost-effective team. Achieved a 10% cost savings (over $40M) with no degradation of service level.
  • Turned the highest cause of seller dissatisfaction (25% satisfaction rate) with product announcement education into the highest area of satisfaction (over 90%) for a 300 person sales unit.
  • Took over a totally derailed product launch plan which had no chance of achieving schedule, and in 6 weeks turned it into a very successful launch with rave consultant reviews and press coverage over three continents.
  • Twice took over totally demoralized teams (of 5 and 15 people) and transformed them into satisfied high-performing teams within 6 months
  • Created an on-line on-demand self-service metrics and management system for a 1000 person unit to replace a static monthly reporting process, totally engaging the management team in “real time” to drive profitable growth.
  • Developed an integrated church stewardship campaign system which lead to 6 congregations with flat or declining giving to grow contributions 20 – 50%
  • Successfully organized an employee charitable contribution campaign for over 800 employees and 30 canvassers to become the largest organization in the enterprise two years in a row to achieve a perfect 100% return of pledge cards
  • Published the first consolidated product guide for a sales unit, at under 50% of all past estimates when everyone said it could not be done
  • Assisted a non-profit to structure a volunteer task force and tied it to the organization’s vision, mission and roles and responsibilities for maximum effectiveness with direction. 16 volunteers now engaged on five significant projects.