Past Experience and Results:

  • Delivered a career roadmap module for a 3,000-person operating unit that was rated very positive by over 90% of employees
  • Delivered comprehensive career mapping modules for 2 different multi-billion-dollar clients which include over 50 profiled career maps for each client.
  • Developed and delivered a specialized career development module for top LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) employees for a multi-billion-dollar client through their diversity initiative.
  • Successfully completed a career road mapping pilot for regulatory professionals and presented to a monthly meeting of the North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum.
  • Developed and delivered a career mapping module for successful pastors and denominational leaders for Metropolitan Community Churches.
  • Developed an innovative approach to career road mapping built on charting careers of over 50 current successful professionals and then expanded into sample career paths for 3000 employees
  • Successfully drove career planning engagement for a 3,000 person operating unit from less than 20% to over 80% participation
  • Delivered education and training on new networking products to the IBM field force (300 networking sellers); this education was rated the highest field force support satisfier.
  • On the leadership development faculty of my church denomination – developing and delivering top notch leadership training to totally engage future denominational leaders.