Seven Insights on Leadership, Success and Diversity from Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good

Photo of Lynn Good when she was announced by Duke Energy as their new CEO and President in June, 2013

Photo of Lynn Good when she was announced by Duke Energy as their new CEO and President in June, 2013

As often as I can, I try to attend the Triangle (NC) Business Journal’s quarterly “Power Breakfasts” where area business leaders are invited to hear from key large corporate executives (see links at the bottom of this blog to a past blog about another TBJ Power Breakfast, and to two TBJ articles about Duke Energy.)

Yes, Duke Energy can be considered quite controversial with their sudden turnover in leadership after the Duke Energy – Progress Energy merger and with the 2014 Dan River coal ash spill. And some of these subjects were broached at this breakfast, but I often more listen for leadership and diversity topics from these speakers since those are my consulting areas.

As a diversity consultant, I do appreciate hearing from a female senior corporate leader, especially one like Lynn Good, who was ranked by Fortune Magazine as the 13th most powerful woman in business.

Here are the 7 insights I noted that Lynn shared around leadership and diversity at this March 1, 2016 breakfast:

1. As a senior leader of 28,000 people, Lynn feels it is very important to develop a culture of collaboration and inspiring others.

2. It is critical for people to hear the corporate vision and messages and understand that their role is important in the larger picture.

3. Diversity is indeed important – the strongest solution is reached when multiple views are brought to the table.

4. The three foundations of Duke Energy’s culture are safety, integrity and service.

5. Lynn Good herself is an excellent role model for success and work-life balance. When asked about what most satisfies her in life, she responded “I love what I do (at work) but am truly satisfied at home with a family and 2 college age sons.”

6. Diversity is important to Duke Energy since they want to have a workforce that reflects the markets they serve.

7. Their innovative diversity efforts include their “Aging in Place” initiative where more senior employees are paired with junior employees to foster knowledge transfer.

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