Revolutionize Your Business with this Book: “Pixels Are the New Ink” by Jeff Tippett

Jeff Tippett, the engaging author of “Pixels are the New Ink.”

I am one of three certified LGBT-BE (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Business Enterprises) certified by the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce who is involved with the NGLCC’s affiliate chamber here in Raleigh, NC, the RBPN – Raleigh’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Another one of the three is Jeff Tippett of Targeted Persuasion, a top public affairs and communications firm in North Carolina. Jeff was the speaker at RBPN’s June meeting and highlighted his latest book which is how digital media is now today’s most critical vehicle for building a strong brand and awareness.

The subtitle of this short but important book for your business or organization is “Three steps to digital domination in your industry.” So what are the three steps? In a concise hard hitting manner filled with stimulating real-life examples, Jeff shares:

To get all the details of the three points below, order this book using the link at the end of this blog.

1) Produce and Distribute Content. It is important to have something worth sharing with others that they need and want. You should have expertise and then be able to get in out of your head and out there into the world. And it has to be expertise that people want and addresses some sort of issue or problem. Your content cannot be boring, but should be targeted to your niche audience with passion and authenticity. And then in the book, Jeff lots of various online and social media mediums to distribute content, the environments they would be most effective for, and various hints and tips to increase effectiveness.

2) Build Your Audience. It is one thing to produce and distribute excellent content, but you need to build an audience to partake in what you have to offer. Jeff offers several tactics and mediums to effectively target and build the audience you want.

3) Engage. Producing and sharing content is not just a one-way street. Jeff shares the importance of being interactive and engaging with the audience you are building as well as with key influencers in your space.

It is a short and quick read, and in a short single sitting you can ingest this wisdom to kick start or greatly enhance your online and social media presence.

And now two actions you can take:

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My Issues with Corporate Procurement and Supplier Diversity Professionals

I truly appreciate it when a corporate procurement person does take the time with me on the phone to learn about my innovative career mapping program for corporations.

I truly appreciate it when a corporate procurement person does take the time with me on the phone to learn about my innovative career mapping program for corporations.

I decided to designate January, 2016 as my “rant about something in my blog month” and I have a series of three such blogs planned for January. But in addition to complaining, I will suggest a solution or propose a fix, albeit for my third and final installment it will be somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

In my first item, I provide some construction criticism after my first five years as a consultant dealing with supplier diversity teams and corporate procurement people. Most of my experience has been as a certified LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Business Enterprise though the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. I have indeed have had some excellent interaction and support from several NGLCC corporate partners, but there has also been a good deal of frustration.

Here are my issues:

1) I feel many of the people are just “going through the motions” to gain a good name in the diverse community. Their major metric is to get companies to enroll in their supplier diversity database and declare victory by quoting how many suppliers are enrolled. Frankly, as a very busy entrepreneur, if you expect me to spend 45 minutes putting my information into your database, don’t you feel you could spend 10 minutes with me to understand my business and what I truly have to offer to your company?

2) Many supply the pat answer, “we will call you when there is an RFP for your service or offering.” Really? How many calls have I received in 5 years? Frankly, many small business and entrepreneurs have innovative solutions to corporate issues and new inventions for which there will never be an RFP. An excellent procurement professional will seek to understand what suppliers have to offer and introduce the innovative solutions to the appropriate line management and decision makers. See my previous blog from 2012 on this titled: “Corporate Procurement: Promoters or Road Blockers of Innovation?”

3) Far too often after initial good meetings and the procurement person promises to follow up, 80% of the time, they never do. And they will not even provide the courtesy of a 30 second reply to an email to call to let you know status or let you know if they have done what they promised.

And now some suggestions:

1) Procurement people, seek to understand what the suppliers have to offer and introduce them or set up a short call with the line business area.

2) Procurement people, when you promise to do something for a potential supplier, honor that commitment and at least follow up or return a call.

3) To the NGLCC – Solicit honest assessments from the LGBT-BEs on the effectiveness of the supplier diversity program including on each corporate partner, and honor the ones that the suppliers say are doing the best job supporting them.

Finally, I encourage procurement people to work hard to establish value-add and respect within their corporations so that the line management will view you as the “go to” people to help find the best, most innovative and cost-effective suppliers to address their most pressing business needs.