Four actions around corporate responsibility and investing in today’s politically divisive climate

At the end of this blog, I specify four recommendations for corporate action.

There was been a new very disturbing trend recently in state governments. They are now waging a culture war on corporations and investment organizations that focus on socially responsible investing. These same misguided elected officials are also attacking corporations with solid ESG (Environment / Sustainablity / Governance) programs and initiatives. Link to ABC news article “What is ESG investing and why are some Republicans criticizing it?”

ESG investing is a type of investing that takes into account non-financial information about a company, such as its climate impact and staff diversity. Supporters of ESG, including financial firms that manage trillions in assets, have said considerations beyond the bottom line deliver the best financial gains. In weighing the economic threat posed by climate change, for instance, investors ensure the long-term health of their portfolio.

Case 1 – Florida: In December, Florida said it is pulling $2 billion in state money managed by BlackRock over opposition to their ESG policies. Republican leaders have criticized the giant firm for putting sustainability goals above returns. This is blatantly false since strong ESG initiatives result in higher profitability in the long term as well as a better society. Sadly enough BlackRock is also being attacked (instead of supported) by activists who feel BlackRock does not go far enough.

Case 2 – North Carolina: In my own state of North Carolina, the state treasurer Dale Folwell is seeking the ouster of BlackRock’s CEO Larry Fink. North Carolina has over $14 billion invested with BlackRock, and Folwell states that he has lost confidence in the firm’s ESG initiatives and investments. Folwell offers no data to back up his reasoning; he is obviously simply waging a “culture war” to position himself for the next Republican Governorship nomination.

Unfortunately money managers are now caught in the unfortunate political cross-fire.

Data shows that companies with strong ESG programs are more profitable.

Corporate America must now take the lead in supporting solid business strategy over political divisive noise based on division instead of analysis and facts. I urge corporations to take the following four actions.

1. Continue to develop and execute your own meaningful ESG programs and continue to communicate to employees and publicly the business rationale and value.

2. Continue to invest your own cash with money managers with solid ESG investment practices.

3. Refuse to provide any financial support to any national or state politician who is waging this unfounded culture war on socially responsible investing.

4. Make strong public statements supporting ERG and socially responsible investing.

Once again, as politicians battle to dismantle the excellent progress the country is making around diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and ESG; corporations will now need to provide the leadership in this area.  See my recent blog about corporations needing to lead in DEI.

How to Find a New Approach to Business Strategy Advisory Services

David Dalka, Founder and Managing Director of Fearless Revival delivering a business conference keynote speech.

David Dalka, Founder and Managing Director of Fearless Revival delivering a business conference keynote speech.

As a small business owner and consultant – entrepreneur in the diversity and career development field, I continue to enjoy making business connections across the world. One such connection is David Dalka. After connecting via LinkedIn, we actually met for dinner when I was in Chicago attending a business conference. David, like myself, operates as an “entrepreneur – consultant” with a unique approach to strategic advisory services. I recently explored his unique approach.

STAN: David, could you give me a brief overview of your company, “Fearless Revival”? Why did you form Fearless Revival?

DAVID: I saw a number of trends that indicated that certain consulting firms were causing harm to people, companies and society. After studying the history of consulting, I saw that the consulting industry had deviated from the original purpose, value proposition and value delivery. I saw a need for senior executives to have a better alternative.

STAN: What differentiates your brand of strategic advisory services? How are you different from all those other strategy consulting firms out there?

DAVID: Fearless Revival encourages people to challenge assumptions and receive the best consulting possible. Doing that delivers consulting services that can make executives’ lives better and can make them feel that there is hope for a new way forward. Executives can then take actions to create a different or better future once they recognize the root cause issues and discover how to address them.

STAN: How did you gain the experience to be a knowledgeable strategic advisor?

DAVID: I did work in startups and digital marketing strategy. I kept seeing examples where the business strategy, digital marketing, technology and organizational resources were not aligned and not high performing. In one situation working directly with a company president, I altered marketing strategy and improved business performance around 600 basis points. Earlier in my career, I worked for BlackRock during the 80 to 800 person hyper-growth phase. BlackRock taught me about workforce transformation in a live environment.

STAN: What would you consider ideal situations where you can make a significant difference for people?

DAVID: My favorite situations are the ones where there is a sense of urgency about symptoms that need to be translated to the proper root cause issues for immediate action. The situation could involve a new CEO, CXO or one or more board members, a competitor taking market share, a business model or profitability challenge, a disagreement between executives about major issues and/or unexpected crises.

STAN: Who are your primary influences?

DAVID: My former teammates at BlackRock. They include historic people that I call posthumous business influencers as I researched thousands of books and articles. They include people who invented entire fields like Russell Ackoff for systems thinking, Chris Argyris for organizational behavior, W. Edwards Deming for quality, Peter F. Drucker for management and Warren G. Bennis for leadership. Others include inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs such as Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Marshall Field, Elmer Wheeler and Gustavus Franklin Swift.

STAN: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself or Fearless Revival?

DAVID: Fearless Revival can bring certainty in an uncertain world. Consulting projects don’t have to be open-ended. Rapid results are possible when you challenge assumptions and question priorities about organizational structures and talent. We want you to explore and obtain a better future.

STAN: What is the best way for a potential client to learn more about your expertise and get ahold of you?david-dalka-logo
DAVID: Interested parties may learn more about our unique service philosophy on the Fearless Revival website at Please call us at +1(520)223-4808 or fill out our contact form.