Being passionate about what I do

In his book, Million Dollar Consulting, Alan Wiess writes that there are three things essential to thriving as a consultant:

  1. Being able to establish a market need. If no one is demanding or needs a certain consulting service, I will find no clients.
  2. Having the competency to fill the need. Clients will want proven, knowledgeable consultants who can deliver results.
  3. The passion to sell to the market need and the passion to fill that need with competence.

Webster’s defines passion as an intense, driving, over-mastering feeling.

I have the 30 years of proven business experience to deliver results in diversity management, career road-mapping / skills development and organizational effectiveness. And I know these areas are all in high demand in today’s business and non-profit environments. But more than that, I am passionate about and love what I do. Good diversity management will lead to more productive employees and winning market share. Skills and career development helps grow people and make them more valuable to the enterprise. And I passionately believe that excellence on overall enterprise management is key to any entity’s success.

I am excited about working with my clients through my company, Total Engagement Consulting by Kimer, and hope that my positive enthusiasm and passion will help ignite them to greater efficiency and profitability.