For the 2019 - 2020 competitive season, I will be skating two different programs and a compulsory moves segment with no music.

Adult Freeskate – This is my technical program where I will be equally judged for my elements (jumps, spins, footwork) and my skating skills which include performance and choreography. I will be skating to Harry Connick Jr’s “A Wink and a Smile” from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Adult Freeskate 6.0 Stan with Elder Arnold

Adult Showcase Light Entertainment –Though strong skating skills need to be present, this program is all about entertaining and connecting with the judges and audiences with a program that will delight them. I will be skating to “You and Me, But Mostly Me” from the long running Broadway Hit “Book of Mormon.”  I perform this number with a life size puppet created for me by Mac McCord of Tanglewood Puppets.

Compulsory Moves –this segment is skated on only half the rink with no music, and I will be judged on how well I execute 5 specified moves: a spiral, a Mohawk footwork sequence, a toe loop, a jump combination, and a spin..

I love to have friends and family attend and support me at competitions. I will not be be able to socialize prior to going on the ice since I need to be focused without distractions, but I can visit in the lobby of the event after my group skates as long as you want to.

Finally, when you are ready to enter the skating arena, you should always wait at the door or entryway if a skater is currently performing. After they are done and start their bows, you may enter.