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Georgia “Religious Freedom Bill” discriminates against LGBT people and hurts businesses – Possible Scenarios

A hospital admittance clerk could claim "religious objections" and refuse to admit one of these women who is covered under her spouse's health insurance.

A hospital admittance clerk could claim “religious objections” and refuse to admit one of these women who is covered under her spouse’s health insurance.

This blog examines the discriminatory harm that can occur if Georgia if this bill becomes law with some possible real scenarios. And here is a link to use if you want to take some action after reading this blog.

NOTE: LGBT is the abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

On March 29, 2016, I have been invited to be a workshop presenter at the annual Atlanta SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) conference. My workshop title is “The Compelling Business Rationale for LGBT Diversity.” I have often presented this workshop throughout the southern USA, including in my home state of North Carolina, using the title, “LGBT Diversity – the New Diversity Initiative for the New South.” However, it seems some state legislatures don’t get this message and want to regress back to the “good old days” of discrimination and exclusion; and it is within this backdrop that I travel to Georgia later this month.

What started as Georgia House Bill 757 “Pastor Protection Act,” which would have enabled religious leaders to refuse to perform same-sex marriages, has been drastically modified and expanded by the Georgia State Senate in their recently passed Senate Bill 284. (Link to bill text.) It would now “prohibit discriminatory action against a person who believes, speaks, or acts in accordance with a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction that marriage is or should be recognized as the union of one man and one woman or that sexual relations are properly reserved to such marriage.”

What does this new language now mean? Simply anybody in any capacity can refuse to serve or provide benefits to LGBT people without penalty. Here are some examples of what could happen – sure, they may seem a little extreme but they are certainly possible within the realm of this proposed law.

Scenario 1: A seriously ill woman is taken to the hospital and covered under her lesbian’s wife’s insurance policy. The admittance clerk could refuse to check her in, saying that admitting a person covered under her same-gender spouses’ insurance violates her religious belief. Meanwhile, while the hospital sorts this out or finds another admittance clerk, the ill woman languishes without needed medical services.

A policeman could claim "religious freedom" to refuse to assist a victim of "gay bashing."

A policeman could claim “religious freedom” to refuse to assist a victim of “gay bashing.”

Scenario 2: Two young men who just left a gay bar are attacked by a group of five thugs with baseball bats. The first policeman dispatched to the scene realizes that the two guys leaving the gay bar are more than likely a gay couple or boyfriends and believes they deserved to be beat up since they are violating “God’s law.” He lets the attack continue, and under this new law, he is protected.

Scenario 3: A manager in a large multi-national corporation with offices in Georgia has an employee with a same-gender spouse. Company policy states that a person can have up to an extra week of paid personal leave to be with their spouse or significant other during a catastrophic illness or serious operation. This manager with “sincerely held religious beliefs” refuses to provide the time off to his employee. The company cannot take action against this manager. Now the word of this episode has spread nationwide on social media, and the company is having a difficult time getting needed talent to transfer to open positions in Georgia.

Already several businesses in Georgia, including the huge multi-national corporation Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, AT&T, Home Depot and others have spoken out against this business-harming regressive bill. I urge all fair-minded and business-oriented people, companies and organizations to continue to oppose this discriminatory revised bill as it heads back to Georgia House for a re-vote.

The Perfect “Trans-storm”

Please see and use the many links featured in this blog to read additional details.

Raffi Freedman Gurspan, the first openly transgender employee of the US White House (AP Photo / National Center for Transgender Equality)

Raffi Freedman Gurspan, the first openly transgender employee of the US White House (AP Photo / National Center for Transgender Equality)

Many people are familiar with the term, “The perfect storm” that describes an event where a rare combination of circumstances will impact a situation drastically. I truly believe we are now in “a perfect storm” for the fight for equality including workplace and health benefits for transgender people. Many positive recent happenings have now all aligned so that is there is a tremendous focus on understanding and appreciating this misunderstood and often maligned segment of our population.

As a diversity consultant with a deep expertise in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Diversity, when I have presented an LGBT Diversity workshops to Human Resources Professionals throughout 2015 (see my blog about this), a vast majority of questions during the Q and A time are about the transgender segment. Just last week I delivered a workshop titled “Corporate and Organizational Support for Transgender People: The Whys and Hows” at the monthly meeting of the HR Management Association of Greensboro (North Carolina) to a sold out crowd of over 150 engaged HR practitioners. Yes – we are not talking New York City nor San Francisco, but here in North Carolina!

Here are the five items in chronological order which I believe have contributed to what I have termed this “perfect trans-storm:”

1) The 2009 “coming out” of high profile celebrity Chas Bono, the child of pop singers Sonny and Cher.

2) The growing popularity of transgender television star Laverne Cox on the hit television show “Orange is the New Black” which premiered in 2013 and is still running. And this was followed in 2014 with a photo of Laverne Cox on the cover of Time Magazine with the story titled “The Transgender Tipping Point – America’s Next Civil Rights Frontier.”

3) The executive order signed by US President Obama on July 21, 2014 making it illegal to fire or harass employees of federal contractors based on their sexual orientation or gender identity and explicitly adding discrimination against transgender employees within the federal government. Link to blog about this announcement.

4) The much publicized gender transition of Olympic champion Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn in July of this year.
SRHM Mag Cover

5) On August 19, 2015, The White house announcing the hiring of its first openly transgender staff member, Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, Outreach and Recruiter Director for Presidential Personnel.

Coincidentally, the day I presented my workshop at the Greensboro SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) chapter meeting, the September issue of the SHRM monthly “HR Magazine” was delivered to my home. And the cover story? “The New Face of Diversity – Transgender Employee Policies Are Gaining Support – Are You Ready?”

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