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TOPIC – Talent Development and Retention: This article from ZipRecruiter, “Q&A: How to Attract & Retain Top Talent With Career Mapping” by Rachel Dotson is an in-depth article about my innovative Total Engagement Career Mapping process which companies and organizations can execute to engage employees in organization-specific long range career planning.


TOPIC – Personal Journey / Early Retirement: In “Tales of Early Retirement – Paths 3 People Took” on US News and World Report Online, I was one of three stories featured, with the tag line “Keeping the Fun and Throwing Away the Obligations.” I discuss how I prepared for early retirement and am now enjoying running my part time consulting practice while developing other interests.


TOPIC – Content Marketing: In “Content Marketing for HR Consultants – An Interview with Stan Kimer” on the Reputation Capital web site,” I discuss how robust and meaningful content is a key foundation to establishing and marketing myself as an HR consultant.


4Q / 2017:

TOPIC – Leadership / Management: Remote work isn’t just a movement, it’s a revolution! Learn how to be an inspiring leader from virtually anywhere in the world! I am quoted in this article “Can Remote Leaders be Inspiring?”

TOPIC – Job Sharing: Though being a diversity consultant and a big proponent of job sharing, I am actually quoted in this article, “The Advantages and Disadvantaged of Job Sharing,” sharing some of the disadvantages.

TOPIC – Retiree Employment: Having worked full time 31-years in corporate America and now leading my own consulting practice on a part-time basis, I am quoted and supplied one of the 15 ideal jobs for this article, “Part-time, flexible hours: A retiree’s dream job.”

TOPIC – General Workplace: In “This is How to Handle Work Emails While You’re On Vacation, According to 12 Experts,” I am one of the 12 consultants offering advice, especially for women, whose management feels it is perfectly OK to continually contact them over small matters while on vacation due to their responsive and nurturing disposition.

TOPIC – Career Development: I am one of the career consultants and coaches quoted in “12 Career Experts Share Their Best Tips for Scoring Your Dream Job.” I offer tip #10 in this useful practical article.

TOPIC – Employee Engagement: I am one of the handful of consultants who contributed and am quoted in this new online article on the Fingercheck website: “How to Build an Effective Workplace Survey.” I discuss the importance of leadership taking action from the survey results.

TOPIC – Generational Diversity: I am one of 12 consultants quoted in this small business column in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune called “Gray is the New Gold” by Dennis Zink. It provides many ways that Baby Boomers, who are now the mature workers in our economy (ages 52 – 72) have so much to offer their employers.

TOPIC – Diversity & Hiring: I am quoted in this article on the American Express Open Forum for Small Business – “Need New Employees Fast? Consider This Before Going on a Hiring Spree.” I provide much of the information for the 4th point about paying attention to who you’re hiring and focusing on building a diverse high performing team.

TOPIC – General Management: “12 Phrases You Should Definitely Avoid When Giving Bad News” is a Reader’s Digest online article to assist managers in the workplace on how NOT to deliver bad news to employees. In this short slide show with written commentary, I offer the 8th phrase.

TOPIC – Leadership: Growthfreaks, a new website with the mission of providing relevant & informative information to help people maximize growth in personal, professional, and business life; included me as one of their expert opinions in their article “6 Influencers Provide Their Own Leadership Definition.”


3Q / 2017:

TOPIC – Transgender Diversity: I was extensively interviewed for and quoted in an article on the Workopolis website called “How to avoid discriminating against transgender candidates.” The four steps cover the recruiting cycle as well as some of the onboarding items.

TOPIC – Company Culture: I am quoted a few times in this online article on the Zenefits website, “5 Actionable Ways to Build Great Work Relationships & Improve Company Culture.”

TOPIC – General Vocational: In this article “Do You See Meaning in Your Job” which shares the strong ties of employee engagement to finding meaning in work, I am the 12th of 15 people profiled. I share about finding meaning during my time as IBM’s LGBT Diversity Manager, which is the primary impetus of my current diversity and career development consulting practice.

TOPIC – General HR Management: In the online article on Zenefits Blog, “5 Ways HR Teams are Changing – For the Better,” I contributed the 5th way to this article and am quoted about the modern HR leader being repositioned as a strategic business partner.

TOPIC – Diversity and Inclusion: I am included in this very comprehensive blog with loads of content called “Challenges of Cultural Diversity in the Workplace: 29 Experts Reveal the Biggest Challenges Employers Face Everyday (and How to Overcome Them.)” I am the 25th of the quoted 29 diversity practitioners.


2Q / 2017:

TOPIC – Career Development and Recruiting: In “Why Career Mapping is a Powerful Recruiting Tool” by Leslie Stevens-Huffman, I discuss how providing a career mapping application which features the ways successful people in an organization grew their careers can be an excellent item to showcase when recruiting talent.

TOPIC – Employee Engagement: I am quoted in this recent online article, “How to Make the First 30 Days Best for Your New Employee.”

TOPIC – Employee Engagement: I am one of seven consultants quoted in this on-line article “7 Ways You’re De-Motivating Your Employees.” I provide the 5th of the 7 ways. Though this article is geared toward small businesses, the seven thoughts in this article can really apply to any leader in any size business.

TOPIC – Career Coaching: Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli collected a series of short career coaching success stories and published an article on the vocational village web site titled “Career Coaching Success Stories.” I am the third featured testimonial and I share how two very different career coaches were instrumental in helping me start my career development and diversity consultancy.

TOPIC – Diversity & Inclusion: I along with a handful of other diversity consultants are quoted in this SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) article, “Trump Era Brings Wake-Up Call for Diversity,” which discusses how companies may step up diversity and inclusion efforts even as some workplace rules may be loosened.

TOPIC – General Business / Blogging: Since regular “value content” blogging is such a critical part of my diversity and career development consulting business, I am featured in several places throughout this excellent comprehensive online article “How Super Bloggers Blog: Creating a Blog Schedule That Works.”


1Q / 2017:

TOPIC – Diversity & Inclusion: I am one of the diversity consultants extensively quoted in “How Important is Diversity in Business? The Facts You Should Know” on the College of St. Scholastica’s “Sentinel Blog.” The article includes some diversity facts from McKinsey & Company and I contribute the five process areas diversity initiatives can focus on.

TOPIC – General Management: I am the sole interviewee in this article featured on the “Remote Leadership Institute” website titled “Keep Your Heart in It: 4 Tips for Managing Virtual Employees.” I share from what I learned successfully managing remote employees for several years in IBM.

TOPIC – Career Development: I am quoted in this online article on called “3 questions to ask yourself before making an internal move.” I provide the insight into the second question, “Does the new position support your career goals?”

TOPIC – General Management: I am one of the small business owners interviewed and included in this helpful article titled How to Let an Employee Go: 10 Tips from Leading Entrepreneurs” on the Fundera Ledger website. Actually these tips are great for business of any size!

TOPIC – Career: I am one of the 50 experts quoted in the comprehensive online article “50 Career Experts Reveal Their Best Salary Negotiation and Resume Writing Tips” by Charley Mendoza on the InvestmentZen website. I provide #23 of the 50 tips, and the author also provided a nice overview of my consulting practice with a few links to some of my blogs.

TOPIC – Career: This article on “MSN Money” called “21 Tips to Climb the Career Ladder in 2017” is a 22-slide online presentation (intro plus the 21 tips) and I provided tips 12 and 13!

TOPIC – General Business and Marketing: This helpful and practical article, “How to Follow Up with Leads After a Conference,” outlines three major tactics, and I provided the third one and am quoted, too!


4Q / 2016:

TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: As we are getting into the 2016 – 2017 Figure Skating season, I am thrilled that qnotes, North Carolina’s biweekly LGBT newspaper, printed a blog I wrote earlier in the year, “7 Fabulous Out Gay Men of Figure Skating.” Includes some cool photos. Pages 16-17 of the Dec 2-15 print edition and link to online version above.

TOPIC – General Business: The “profiting financial” business news daily website recently posted an article about the state of small business in North Carolina, and quoted about half a dozen small business owners including myself. I spoke about the taxation / regulation environment and the tightening labor market.

TOPIC – General Business: I am quoted quite extensively in this new article, “What can Alexander Graham Bell Teach Us about Patent Filing” on the IPWatchdog site. I discuss how the very high cost of the patent filing process can be particularly daunting to start ups and small companies, and include a recommendation for the US Small Business Administration.

TOPIC – Management / Leadership: I am one of 8 people featured in the article “Great Bosses Do Exist” by Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D. on the Vocation Village website. I am the sixth interviewee, and cite 3 excellent managers I had during my 31-year career at IBM, as well as offering tips for others to assist them in finding good managers during the interview process.

TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: North Carolina’s biweekly LGBT newspaper qnotes published the blog I wrote about young, dynamic transgender author and activist Janet Mock being this year’s kickoff keynote speaker for our annual North Carolina Society of HR Management Conference. “Transgender awareness key to acceptance in the workplace – Janet Mock delivers address targeting diversity.” Also page 11 in the Nov 4-17 print edition.

TOPIC – Career Development: I am quoted at the top of this article (the entire second paragraph!) and provide the overall issue statement in “Are you spending as much to retain employees as you are to recruit them?” on the JobDig website. After my statement, the article provides 6 practical strategies to boost employee loyalty and retention.

TOPIC – Diversity and Small Business: My Op Ed “Small businesses are losing to the HB2 law” was published on page 39 of the October 14th issue of the Triangle Business Journal. :Small Business Majority” assisted in providing some of the survey data. (NOTE: you may only be able to see the entire article if you are a TBJ subscriber but feel free to give it a try.)

TOPIC – Diversity / LGBT: My recent blog “North Carolina’s HB2 – The Nightmare Continues” has been printed by NC’s biweekly LGBT newspaper qnotes. As a diversity consultant working with many businesses and organizations across North Carolina, I share two broad economic / business impacts and three individual / personal focused impacts. Also on page 10 in the October 7-23 print issue.


3Q / 2016:

TOPIC – Diversity, Women in Leadership: I am quoted as a diversity consultant in this new online article “Study Links Women in Leadership to More Profitable Businesses.” The article summarizes this study and then provides commentary from a few consultants on the issues of women reaching senior leadership roles within businesses.

TOPIC – General Small Business: I am one of about 20 entrepreneurs who are featured in this Huffington Post article, “The Secret to Building an Email List of 100K.” I’m the 9th one down in the article – and though I am not building an email list of 100K, I do share about how I am growing a substantial high-quality email list for my monthly e-newsletter.

TOPIC – Career and Generational Diversity: As a senior entrepreneur (now age 61), I am pleased to share that I am quoted in the new online article on the Career Intelligence Website: “Job Search Tips for Your 40s and 50s – How to stand out in a good way when competing with younger candidates.”

TOPIC – Career Development: I am quoted as a career development consultant in this article “6 Low Cost Ways to Encourage Employees to Keep Learning” geared toward small and medium size businesses (but these are good for all businesses!) I provide the 6th way!

TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: As a recurring “guest contributor” for North Carolina’s biweekly LGBT newspaper, qnotes, two blogs I published recently around LGBT items filled page 5 in the July 15-28 print issue. Here are the links to the two online qnotes articles:

“Pride Month Event Held at the Nation’s Capital.” I was privileged to attend the US Department of Labor’s LGBT Pride Month meeting in Washington DC featuring US Cabinet Member Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and US Senator Tammy Baldwin

“North Carolina’s HB2 – Don’t Boycott Us, Cyndi Lauper-ize Us.” I present iconic singer and song writer Cyndi Lauper’s impactful and creative option to boycotting NC over HB2.

TOPIC – Workplace Climate: I am quoted in this online article “Finding a Safe Harbor in the Office When Talk Turns Political.” Several of us discuss the appropriateness of talking about politics in the workplace and how to handle.

TOPIC – Career Development: I am quoted as a workplace consultant in a new online article called “Lawyers: Rethink the Practice … 8 skills you need to enrich the world” under the first of the 8 skills – the ability to manage in a diverse environment.

TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: As a recurring “guest contributor” for North Carolina’s biweekly LGBT newspaper, qnotes, “An hour with EEOC Commissioner Charlotte A. Burrows – Part 2 – LGBT Concerns.” I was invited to a “meet and greet” with one of USA’s 5 Employment Equal Opportunity Commission Commissioners, and Ms. Burrows provided excellent details on the work the EEOC is doing in the LGBT area.


2Q / 2016:

TOPIC – Diversity: I am extensively quoted as a career & skills and diversity consultant in a recent “Network Journal – for Black Professionals and Small Businesses” online article titled “Workplace Bias is Still Prevalent: What it is and How to Deal.” I discuss on how to be on the lookout for subtle workplace bias and how to handle it.


TOPIC – Diversity: North Carolina’s biweekly LGBT newspaper, qnotes, edited and published an earlier blog I wrote, “An hour with EEOC Commissioner Charlotte A. Burrows – Part 1 – Priorities Overview.” I was invited to a “meet and greet” with one of USA’s 5 Employment Equal Opportunity Commission Commissioners and summarize six areas the EEOC is working on that Ms. Burrows discussed.


TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: A blog I wrote in late March in reaction to North Carolina’s infamous anti-LGBT HB2, “Why do we all need someone to hate on?… and in North Carolina, it’s transgender people,” was published my qnotes, North Carolina’s biweekly LGBT newspaper.


TOPIC – LGBT Diversity and General Business: I was quoted in a new online article published today on the website called “5 Great Conferences for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.” I spoke about the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s annual Business and Leadership Conference which I have now attended the past 5 years.


TOPIC – General HR: I am one of three HR experts featured in a blog and online podcast from MediaLeaders titled “Experts Share Tips to Improve Your Online Presence.” We discuss the question, “Do employers look at job candidates’ online presence? If so, what are the best ways for applicants to shine?” In addition I bring up what could disqualify a candidate.


TOPIC – General Business (Startups): I am featured in this week’s MediaLeaders article and webcast on “Startups Share Outreach Tips and Struggles.” 8 entrepreneurs are featured in both the article and webcast, and I am the 7th in both and share an outreach tip.


1Q / 2016:

TOPIC – Career: I was quoted as workplace consultant in a new HR Pulse website article on preparing to change jobs in the dynamic 2016 job market. I talk about the importance of having a global mindset, knowledge of other cultures and the ability to learn and communicate within the growing global economy.


TOPIC – Leadership / Career / Diversity: I have been quoted in this new article on the Fast Company website titled “Eight Career Skills You Need to be Competitive in 2016.” As a workplace diversity and career development consultant, I contributed skills 1 and 3: the ability to manage a diverse environment, and having a global mindset.


4Q / 2015:

TOPIC – Leadership: In his “The Leadership Challenge” blog about what true leadership is, consultant Andrew John Harrison includes my quote along with 14 others. Who are the 15 quotes from? They include Ronald Reagan, John C. Maxwell, Ernest Hemingway, Dolly Parton, Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower …. and ME!


TOPIC – Transgender Diversity. In November, qnotes, North Carolina’s bi-weekly LGBT newspaper / magazine published a special edition, “Transgender Awareness, Honoring the Past and Setting Sights for the Future.” The robust issue includes an historical timeline, accomplishments, business practices and more. My article “The Perfect Trans-Storm” was included! Here is a link to the complete online issue.


3Q / 2015:


TOPIC – General Business / Marketing: I am one of 45 people featured in Docurated’s recent online article titled “B2B Content Marketing Strategies: Tips from 45 Experts.” Lots of interesting thoughts …. I am the 19th one in this article sharing about how I use speaking engagements to build credibility to find clients.


TOPIC – Diversity: I am quoted in the article “Diversity Training Today: A Buzzword in Flux” about how the diversity field continues to be evolve and grow and be redefined with new components. And then I was quoted again in the follow on article, “Diversity Training Tomorrow: Where Are We Headed?”. I speak of how to make diversity training more relevant and interesting for employees.


2Q / 2015:


TOPIC – Leadership / Management: In the article “What Makes a Great Manager” on the Rasmussen College Business Blog,I discuss the importance of a manager customize his or her management style to fit each individual on their team.

TOPIC – Entrepreneurism / Small Business: I was one of 8 entrepreneurs / small business owners featured in this online article “8 Tips to Make You a Conference All Star” about how small businesses on a tight budget determine how to best spend a limited budget for attending conferences. The subtitle of my excerpt is “Choose Wisely” and I speak about why attending the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s annual leadership conference gives me the biggest bang for my buck.

TOPIC – Careers: I am extensively quoted as a diversity and career consultant in a new article called “Six High Paying Careers You Haven’t Considered” on a French career and business website. Don’t worry – the article is in English! I discuss the need for balance between high-skill, high pay and being passionate about what you do, as well as being quoted in the details of career 1 and career 6.

TOPIC – Entrepreneurism: I am one of 4 interviews featured in the bi-monthly Supplier Global Resource Magazine case study of entrepreneurs. We each share what we discovered about business and about ourselves when we decided to go out on our own. I speak candidly about why entrepreneurial business appeals to me so much more than working in a large corporation. Link to article, pages 61-65 in the online magazine.

TOPIC – Diversity (Older Employees): Quoted twice as a diversity consultant in this article “Aging Workforce Good for Employers and the Economy” published on Ally Bank’s “Straight Talk” page. In the face of a growing talent shortage, this article discusses the advantages of and importance of attracting and engaging older workers.


1Q / 2015:

TOPIC – Diversity and Talent Retention: In “What is Job Sharing?” on, I was quoted specifically around how job sharing can help retain and leverage the knowledgeable older worker. :


TOPIC – Diversity (Older Employees): Quoted a diversity and career development consultant in this online article on titled “3 ways to make your company friendly to older workers.” As the number of skilled older employees leaving the workplace exceeds available new talent, companies need to do more to retain and value their older experienced workers.


TOPIC – Diversity and Leadership: In “Five Reasons Your Company Needs Diverse Leadership,” on the “SuccessLabs” website, I actually contributed to 3 of the five reasons!


TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: In “5 Things You Don’t Know About Same Sex Weddings That Can Hurt Your Business,” I offer my insights under the first point in the article discussing if businesses should be legislatively forced to service same-sex weddings. My view as a diversity consultant and gay man may surprise you!


TOPIC – Leadership: In the article, “Stepping into Leadership – How to Succeed as a New Supervisor or Manager” by Robin Madell on the Career Intelligence Website, a resource for professional women, I discuss the importance of not “micro-managing” and instead adjusting management style to fit the various experience levels of your staff.


TOPIC – Leadership: In this online article from “Business News Daily” called “30 Ways to Define Leadership,” 30 business owners and leadership experts were asked to define what leadership means to them. I am the third quote in the article.


TOPIC – Career Management: In this updated online article “Experts Share the Smartest Moves for Building a Career Boosting Reputation” on the “Online Reputation Management” website, Jessica Merritt offers 8 career building tactics. I am quoted twice in the third point about developing a strong reputation at work.


TOPIC – Business Leadership and Strategy: I am quoted as an HR / Leadership consultant in the online article “6 Leadership Problems that Could Be Killing Your Business from Within” on the HR Solutions Blog. I discuss the first item, management and measurement systems that pit employees against each other instead of rewarding team work.


4Q / 2014:

TOPIC – Leadership and LGBT Diversity: My blog was linked to in a recent online article on the ibis (Interactive Business Inclusion Solutions) website titled “Wanted: Managers capable of creating and sustaining an open, collaborative workplace culture.” Robert Principe provides 6 strategies for managers, with his first being that managers need to be authentic with coworkers. He cites Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out as gay as an example of being authentic and links to the blog I published about this earlier in the month.


TOPIC – General Diversity (Magazine Article and Published Resource:) My latest article as a contributing writer for UNITE Business Magazine, “Components of Corporate Diversity and Inclusion Training” (scroll to pages 28-29) is now available in the printed and online October / November 2014 issue. I discuss the 3 crucial components of corporate diversity training and who within an enterprise needs to be engaged. An easily printable version of this material was also recently published in the Workforce Diversity Network’s “Export Forum” section (link to this item.)


3Q / 2014:

TOPIC – General Human Resource Mgt (Magazine Article:) I placed the “feature article” in the Fall / Winter 2014 edition of NC HR Review (our State Society of Human Resource Management biannual magazine.) “International HR Similarities” is about a meeting I had in Mexico City in March with the head of Mexico’s largest human resources professional organization; we discussed Mexico’s major HR challenges.


TOPIC – Business Leadership (Magazine Article:) As a recurring contributor / writer for the bi-monthly UNITE Business Magazine, my latest article in the August / Sept 2014 issue is “Business Leadership, Travel and Communications in the New Global Economy.” I write about how all size companies can now do business on the global stage and the competencies required for success. Link to the online version of the magazine, my article is on pages 22 and 23 and includes photos of me in Rwanda and Kenya!


TOPIC – LGBT Diversity: I am quoted twice in this article titled “More Rights for LGBT Employees Can Lead To Work Conflicts, Which HR Must Navigate.”


TOPIC – Entrepreneurism: In a cool article called “What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?” writer Deborah Sweeney from MyCorp contacted 75 diverse entrepreneurs to learn a little about our businesses, styles and motivations. I am the 20th of the 75 entrepreneurs included in the compilation.


TOPIC – Career Management: I was quoted twice as a diversity / career mgt consultant in a new online article “Do Hiring Managers Care About Your Online Reputation” on the website “Online Reputation Management.” My first quote is about 2/3rds of the way down the article, and the other is the second from the last bullet.


TOPIC – General Business and LGBT Diversity: In “Is it Worth It to Join the Local Chamber of Commerce” on the Grasshopper Blog – Marketing Insights for Entrepreneurs, I am the last featured person in the article since they quoted me talking about the value I get from being involved with a National (in addition to a local) Chamber – the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.


1H / 2014:


TOPIC – Talent Development: Article in The LinkUp Blog, “Employee engagement: are you spending as much to retain employees as you are to recruit them?” I am the lead quote in the article discussing the amazing fact that most companies invest far too little in their most important and expensive resource – people! The article then offers 4 areas in which to focus investment.


TOPIC – Business & LGBT Diversity (Magazine Article:) I continue to contribute an article for each issue of the bi-monthly UNITE Business Magazine. In the current June/July issue, I write about my participation in the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Trade Mission and LGBT Summit in Mexico. I share about three very different and important aspects of the mission: business development, global LGBT economic empowerment, and excellent networking opportunities. Link to magazine and then go forward to page 34.


TOPIC – LGBT Diversity (Magazine Article:) I wrote an article that appears in the April / May issue of UNITE Business Magazine which is now out in print and on line. “Major League Sports Meets Diversity” on pages 44-45 and my little photo and mini bio on page 6. Link to online version of the magazine.


TOPIC – General Diversity: My article, “Generational Diversity – Are Your Recruiting Methodologies Up to Date?” appears in the 1Q/2014 National Diversity Council – Carolinas newsletter (link).


TOPIC – Career Management: I am quoted as a career consultant in the online article “Finding a Job is Still Tricky in 2014” on the CityTownInfo website. The article provides tips from multiple sources on how to find a job when the overall hiring outlook for 2014 has not really improved very much. I talk about the importance of unique differentiation in competing for a position.


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